About Me

I'm a second-year PhD student at McGill University and Mila under the co-supervision of Derek Nowrouzezahrai and Christopher Pal. My research interests cover topics in computer vision and machine learning, with an emphasis on deep learning. Specifically, I am interested in generative models for visual content creation, neural art, and differentiable image parameterizations.

My current affiliations include the McGill Graphics Lab, Mila, and Black in AI.

My past affiliations include Element AI, the Computational Vision and Imaging Lab at York University (CVIL@York), the Ryerson Vision Lab (RVL), and Vector Institute.

Email: tesfaldet@hotmail.com
Twitter: @mattierialgirl



  • Fourier-CPPNs for Image Synthesis

    Mattie Tesfaldet, Xavier Snelgrove, and David Vazquez
    ICCV Workshops 2019
  • Interactive CPPNs in GLSL

    Xavier Snelgrove and Mattie Tesfaldet
    NeurIPS Workshops 2018
  • Convolutional Photomosaic Generation via Multi-Scale Perceptual Losses

    Mattie Tesfaldet, Nariman Saftarli, Marcus A. Brubaker and Konstantinos G. Derpanis
    ECCV Workshops 2018
  • Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Dynamic Texture Synthesis

    Mattie Tesfaldet, Marcus A. Brubaker and Konstantinos G. Derpanis
    CVPR 2018 (Poster)